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Ultra e-Liquid

Ultra e-Liquid

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60ml Bottle

Cherimoya - A rare superfruit from South America, Not common in many Parts of the World due to its shelf life. Mark Twain is quoted saying "Cherimoya is the most delicious fruit known to man". The flavor profile is a mix between banana, apple, peach, strawberry and pineapple. We sourced real cherimoya extract specifically for this flavor to ensure we could bring this rare fruit to your tastebuds!

Lapis Berries - Lapis berry is not a real berry, but rather a custom formulation of over 10 different berries. From the superberry Acai to wild blueberry and blackberry, You may notice the subtle hints of cherry on the exhale and even some wonderful sweetness from the strawberries. Powerful flavour that allows you to enjoy this all day vape, all year around!

Strawvacado - Strawberry Avocado. If there ever was a match made in heaven this was it. The freshness of Strawberries mixed with the creaminess of an avocado makes for an extremely pleasant and unique experience. Not just another strawberry vape, this flavour is a must try for all the strawberry lovers out there.

True Blood - With Grapefruit as the main feature you will notice a nice Grapefruit/blood orange on the inhale to compliment the citrus in the juice. This medley of flavours was designed to bring a new element to your citrus vape. While Still enjoying that fresh citrus flavour you get the new experience of spicing it up to the next level with Anise.

Watermelon Twist - The ultimate combo of watermelon and lime. You get the sour of the lime mixed with the sweetness of the watermelon. It makes for an epic combo that you can’t get enough of. This flavor is the melonhead’s dream and the citrus freaks new ADV. We know you’ll enjoy this unique blend!