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60ml Bottle

Balanced - Coconut and Cream - The perfect summer treat that you can vape all day, this unique flavor is a blend of coconut and a mix of creams for one of the most delightful vapes around.

Refreshing - A Blend of Papaya, Mango, and Cantaloupe - This fusion of papayas, mangos, and cantaloupe presents an unparalleled experience for your taste buds.

Revive - Blueberry & Lime - Blueberry and lime: it sounds simple, but this blend of flavors is as complex and surprising as any you've ever tasted.

Satisfying - A Raspberry and Dragonfruit Iced Tea - A worldwide top-seller, Satisfying is known for its captivating combination of raspberry and dragonfruit iced tea.

Stimulating - Chilled Berries and Lychee - This mix of five different berries plus lychee and just a bit of chill makes Stimulating one of the most unique and delicious flavors to ever come on the market.