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Real Tobacco

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BLK Virginia Tobacco: Mild Virginia and Tennessee Tobaccos with aromatic Oriental Tobacco. Vaping with the e-juice at times is sweet and fruit-like, but with a hint of tanginess and spice. A slight nutty finish completes the experience.

GLD Burley Tobacco: Combines cube and leaf Burley with Oriental and Latakia Tobaccos. It's light and air-cured characteristics combined with an intense Smokey-Pepper flavor create a distinctive and pleasurable smoky aroma.

GRN Menthol Tobacco: This liquid gets its refreshing satisfaction from enhancing our signature GLD Burley Tobacco flavor with our in-house Menthol blend for a minty kick. The combination of the pepper from the GLD e-liquid base and the Mint from the Menthol won't disappoint.