Lolli Drip
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Lolli Drip

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Blue Razz: Lip-smacking Blue Razz is so good, you'll fall in love with it over and over..and over!
Caramel Apple: A dessert duo loved by many, taste the perfect blend of Sweet, sticky Caramel and Juicy sour Apples!
Grapefruit: Taste a delicious blend of Grape Fruit with just the right amount of zest with every vape!
Grape: Sweet and savory Grape flavors that will make your taste buds go wild and your palate satisfied!
Sour Apple: Tart green Apples blended to e-liquid perfection. This Fruity e-juice flavor is tart, Sweet and light.
Watermelon: Classic and Juicy Watermelon flavor. Sweet slightly tart and fresh tasting. This flavor is light, refreshing and Fruity.