Bad Drip


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Crush - An onslaught of ORANGE, crushed with a Ton of tattered, Tangerine tittles, brewed with stomach SODA in the belly of a red-nosed buffoon.
Drooly - Gilly wagon silly slobbered GOBSTOPPERS, chomped, chewed, and drooled into a GRAPE-BERRY face paint pool 
Laffy - ALL jokes aside...Sticky, icky, stringy, BLUEBERRY TAFFY strands, doused with gooey GRAPE rubber chicken blood.
Pennywise - Stomped STRAWBERRY CLOWN snouts, twisted with pulverized WATERMELON guts, injected inside baby bubblegum balloon animals.
Skitzo - Fresh from the candy butcher… slashed and slaughtered GREEN APPLES, submerged in a maniacal, MOLTEN CARAMEL, splashed with a small dose of cranium cream.
Sweet Tooth - The ringmaster's addiction…circus spun COTTON CANDY floss, spattered with candied RAZZ-BERRY nightmare nectar.
Pennywise Iced Out - CLOWN Eliquid proudly presents, your favorite monster,  back and ready to chill you to the bone! Stomped strawberry clown snouts, twisted with pulverized watermelon guts, injected inside baby bubblegum balloon animals, now in delicious menthol!