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Citrus-Burst - Lemon and Lime Citrus Sherbert
Sher-Burst - Rainbow Sherbert
Straw-Burst - A Juicy Pink Strawberry
Berry-Burst -  An exotic blend of tropical fruits
Mango-Burst - Fresh Mango

Duo from Burst proves the truth that Two is Better Than One! DUO breaks the standard of fruit E-Liquid by combining two of the the hottest flavors to make 3 new E-Liquids that burst out with fruit flavor.

Kiwi + Strawberry - Fresh summer strawberries blended with sweet tropical kiwis for a fruity flavor burst
Apple + Watermelon - Crisp red apples mixed with juicy red watermelon for a perfect mix of fruity flavor burst
Peach + Raspberry - Fresh Ice Cold Peaches mixed with Freshly Grown Organic Raspberries
Guava + Dragon Fruit - An exotic fruity blend of juicy Guava and tantalizing Dragon Fruit