Marina Vape


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60ml bottle

Blast - Fresh hint of frosty mind for a cool tobacco hit with menthol

Flow - Pineapple Guava Mango

Hydra - Rich tobacco drifting away slowly into vanilla custard

Oasis - Peach Cantaloupe Papaya

Mist - Green apples peaches kiwis

Mist Ice - Crisp green apples, sweet peaches, and tart kiwis with a monthol twist

Pure - Strawberry Apple Watermelon

Pure Ice - Strawberry, apple, and watermelon with a cooling ice menthol twist

Rainbow Drops - Candy strawberry, grape, green apple, orage, and lemon

Rapid - American Red Tobacco

Sour Melon - Mouthwatering hard candies flavored with a variety of sweet and succulent melons